In This issue of Barra, Bass and Bream

MAXIMISING BARRA DURING THE RUN-OFF: The run-off from the wet season presents a special opportunity for barra anglers. At this time, receding floodwaters aggregate fish and trigger a feeding spree that can transport you straight to angling heaven – as long as you know how and where to fish it. This special feature guides the way with tips from timing to tackle.

SUCCESSFULLY BREAMING THE WEEDS: Bream are usually a structure-oriented species, and some of their favourite structures are weedbeds. It makes a lot of sense to fish where your target tends to aggregate, but as Jamie Robley points out, this can be a frustrating environment for lure casters so you’ll need the right strategies and lures to fish these hotspots.

BASS – THEN AND NOW: Australian bass were originally a cult species, inducing adventurous anglers to traipse through wild bushland, searching for bass in remote rivers. The stocking of impoundments revolutionised bass fishing with more and larger fish available, and the advent of fishing kayaks has again evolved the sport, taking it back towards its roots, as veteran bass angler Rod Harrison describes.

BOAT TEST: EVOLUTION AXIS: Using an offshore hull with an enviable reputation and a chop-cutting keel as a base, Evolution has created the Axis as a dedicated sportfishing platform. With stability and lots of open working space it has all the credentials for fishing big rivers up north or poking around the bays, rivers and estuaries for bass and bream.


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